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About%20us.jpg?1658509508193Petite Ellie is a female led small business based in Castleford United Kingdom owned and run by me – Lucia.

When Petite Ellie idea started to brew in the early 2021 the mission was to bring affordable yet luxurious handmade products to your home. At the time I was sat in the kitchen thinking about my lovely (albeit somewhat empty) new home, me and my husband just moved into, and I was wondering how to bring that instant slap of luxury as soon as you cross the threshold.

I have noticed that fragrance plays a vast role in how your guests (and yourself) feel when they enter your house. Coupled with unusual designs, scents and stand-out-of-the-crowd packaging the picture of what Petite Ellie will become was getting clearer in my mind.

The one and truly important aspect for me was to make it affordable to everyone, including those who just purchased a new house and shopping for candles or wax melts might not be particularly budgeted for.

Staying true to remaining a small business with its enormous benefits of small scale, personal touch and great customer experience is also very important aspect of Petite Ellie. Everything that we make is touched by hand and contains a little bit of our soul in it too. And supporting someone’s passion and dream is the kindest act you as a customer can give us. Thank you for trusting us and choosing to shop with Petite Ellie. We really do a small happy dance every time a new order pings through the site.